Dec-10-2019: The paper "Monitoring Digital Technologies in Hydraulic Systems Using CUSUM Control Charts" by Farid Breidi, Abdallah Chehade and John Lumkes was published at the ASME/BATH 2019 Symposium on Fluid Power and Motion Control.

Oct-23-2019: Zunya Shi presented her research work on "Long Short Term Memory Neural Networks for Remaining Useful Life Estimation" at INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Oct-22-2019: Dr. Chehade chaired the "Panel Session for Industrial Data Science" at INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Oct-21-2019: Dr. Chehade chaired the "Industry Job Hunting Session" at INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Oct-14-2019: Dr. Chehade received a research funding grant from Ford Motor Company on "Advanced Deep Learning Models for Warranty Data Analytics".

Oct-04-2019: The paper "The Sparse Reverse of Principal Component Analysis for Fast Low-Rank Matrix Completion" by Abdallah Chehade and Zunya Shi was submitted to arXiv with id arXiv:1910.02155.

Sep-01-2019: Mayuresh Savargaonkar joined the Informatics and Data Analytics lab.

July-19-2019: The paper "Latent Function Decomposition for Forecasting Li-ion Battery Cells Capacity: A Multi-Output Convolved Gaussian Process Approach" by Abdallah Chehade and Ala A. Hussein was submitted to arXiv with id arXiv:1907.09455.

Feb-20-2019: The paper "A Multi-Output Convolved Gaussian Process Model for Capacity Estimation of Electric Vehicle Li-ion Battery Cells" by Abdallah Chehade and Ala A. Hussein was accepted at the 2019 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC).

Feb-01-2019: The paper "Sensor Fusion via Statistical Hypothesis Testing for Prognosis and Degradation Analysis" by Abdallah Chehade and Zunya Shi was accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering.