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Abdallah Chehade

Assistant Professor

Zunya Shi

Ph.D. Student

Mayuresh Savargaonkar

Ph.D. Student

Moe Gorzinmataee

Ph.D. Student

Isaiah Oyewole

Ph.D. Student

Nader Kheir

Master's Student

Aditya Kandikuppa

Master's Student

Prerirt Nimje

Project Manager at A & A Industries

Meriam Chelbi

Master's Student

Research Focus

AI & ML Solutions

Our lab focuses on developing AI and Deep Learning solutions that leverage Big Data Analytics to solve complex tasks.

Prognostic Analysis

Predict the remaining useful life of complex systems. This is critical for dynamic maintenance scheduling and real-time production planning.

Failure Diagnosis

Detect the reason and location of failure. This is critical for quick maintenance, root-cause analysis, and enhanced product design.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Single datastreams carry partial information about systems. Our lab focuses on data fusion models that better understand complex systems.

Major Projects

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

Sensor Fusion, Degradation Modeling, and Prognostic Analysis

Alzheimer's Disease

Transfer Learning, Data Fusion, Diagnosis, and Prognostic Analysis

Warranty Data Analytics

Quality Improvement, Financial Insights, and Machine Learning

Digital Pump Motors

Anomaly Detection and Delay Estimation

Deep Learning Solutions

Classification, Regression, Detection, and Scenario Generation

Collaborative Modeling

Recommender Systems, Matrix Completion, Image Denoising, and Collaborative Filtering

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Selected Publications

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